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I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down...

School visit picaple

Children from Logie Durno primary school have been learning about housing materials in an aptly named project, ‘the three little pigs’.  The project, which is for P1-P3 year-olds, covers topics on housing materials and why houses need to be strong, so that no-one like ‘the big bad wolf’ can “blow your house down”.

As part of the project, Audrey and Paul from All Design visited the school in Pitcaple to talk about architecture.  They did a short presentation on building design and had a discussion with the children on the areas that need to be considered when building houses, such as the shape, size, environment around the building, who the building is for and their needs and desires, building safety and materials.

Audrey said: “It was great to go into the school and meet the pupils.  They seemed to be really interested I n how houses are built.  We explained how we use sketches of our work and turn them into drawings using computer software.  We then went on and talked about the next phase of most projects, which is submitting drawings to the Council to gain permission before starting to build.  We explained how the construction team uses the same plans to do their work and how important it is to have good communication throughout the project to bring the whole project together.”

The pupils learned about all the measurements that need to be taken to build a house and how every person in the process plays a vital role. 

All Design took part in this project as part of its ongoing commitment to encouraging young people into design and architecture. 

For more information about All Design’s educational projects please contact Audrey Walber on 01224 701576