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Blog:  Need more space?

Need more space?

Need more space?
Whether it’s down to hobbies, work taking over or growing families, many of us find that at some point we run out of space at home.  Does the above picture remind you of how little space you have at home?  If yes, then maybe it’s time to start thinking about your options...

With some creative thinking and a little investment, there are lots of possible solutions…
Over the next few months, All Design will ‘talk space’ – giving the lo-down on options for creating more space in and around the home.  This month, we’re looking at the option of completing a Loft Conversion, which is a great solution for those with attic space.

Which houses qualify for a loft conversion?
Single storey;
Two storey;
Terraced houses;
Top floor flats.
Which houses don’t qualify for a loft conversion?
It may go without saying, but ground floor apartments are just not going to work! Apart from this, everything else can be considered.
What are the benefits of getting a loft conversion?
1. A loft conversion will create more space by giving a home a whole new floor.
2. It provides extra daylight.  Rooflights will normally not be shaded by other buildings, allowing the space to be flooded with natural daylight.
3. Rooflights and dormer windows can provide unobstructed views of the surrounding area.
4. A loft conversion can easily be integrated within the home.  Stairways can be either added or continued to make the conversion seamless.
5. It provides a bespoke space – loft conversion designs are very individual, enabling an opportunity for both the designer and the homeowner to add their flair and personality to the home.
6. Many loft conversions are exempt from local council planning permission requirements and only require a building warrant.   This saves both time in obtaining statutory permissions and money with reduced council application fees.
7. It avoids the hassle of having to move house!
8. It can provide a hideaway for extra privacy in large households.
9. It can make a house feel more modern, with a brand new floor.
10. Through time, it is hoped a loft conversion will add to the value of a home and is therefore often considered a good investment.
Will I need Planning Permission and a Building Warrant for a loft conversion?
At least one of them!   Whether you need both will depend on the size, design and location (e.g. if you live in a conservation area) of your loft conversion.   Appointing an architectural consultant, like All Design, will ensure the appropriate permissions are obtained.

Involving local council planning and building control teams with your well planned and designed loft conversion will most certainly be considered more favourably by them and can reduce significant time in the long run.
Depending on the project, it may be necessary for the family to decant for a period of time, in order to undertake essential work.  Good planning for this is essential, both in terms of timings and budget.  
Loft conversions will take time from start to finish and the length of time can vary depending on the design and scope of works.   Taking early design decisions with your architectural consultant and structural engineer will help to provide a realistic timeframe for the client.
What scope should be considered when buying a new home?
It can be difficult to add value and space to a home that has already been extended and/or converted, in some cases more than once.  So, when buying a new home, it is worth considering the scope for extending further down the line.  Areas to consider are: Does the house have space to grow?  Does it have an attic that can be converted?  Are there other houses in the neighbourhood or area with extensions or loft conversions? 
How can All Design help?
All Design offers clients bespoke and carefully considered design solutions based on their needs, desires and the all-important budget. 

We can take care of each project from start to finish – designing the loft space, dealing with all local council planning and building warrant permissions, organising third party consultants and co-ordinating contractors.  With over 30 years of experience, we know what to expect.  Our aim is to make life easy for our clients by removing the burden from them, making the experience uncomplicated and easy, by working on their behalf. 

For more information on loft conversions, please contact All Design directly.  We’re here to help and offer a free consultation to clients who are looking for advice and guidance.

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You’ll find some examples loft conversions on our gallery pages here.